Little Diamond Trailers

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             Sales -1.732-431-1752

660 Casino Dr. Howell NJ 07731 US


     We offer services from preventive maintenance to collision repair and everything in between. We are a trailer company whose emphasis is on quality, value and service. Our repair knowledge, quality performance and teamwork enable us to consistently provide an outstanding finished product on even the most demanding project. We have been providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship in the New Jersey area since 1964.


* Wiring & Lights

* Electric Brake Service & Repair

* Brake Boxes

* Wiring  & Plugs

* Hitch Installations 

* Axles & Bearing Maintenance

* 12 Volt Systems

* Window Installation

* Mats and Wall Liners

* Pop-Up Vent Installation

* Wood Floor Replacement

* Tailgate Repair and Replacement

* Springs & Hinges

* Aluminum or Steel Welding.  

DON'T GET STRANDED BECAUSE OF A BRAKE OR BEARING FAILURE. Be sure to have us check them on a yearly basis. My goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and trailer safety for the benefit of our equine cargo or what ever you are hauling!